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Crossley & Webb: Coffee in the presence of royalty

Not only a coffee shop

If you are looking for a heavenly cup of coffee, and something light to bite, you have plenty of options in Cape Town. But if you are looking to do so while looking at some of the coolest cars in town, there is only one place to go – Crossly & Webb in Gardens.

From the moment you walk through the doors, you know you are in the presence of royalty. And while you may not find the Queen there, you will find a collection of luxury cars that are will make you feel like a king. There’s nothing quite like having your caffeine fix and then viewing a 2016 Ferrari 488 Spider, or a 2017 Mclaren 720S Coupe, to get you motivated for the week.

Apart from offering a great experience to coffee and car enthusiasts, Crossly & Webb is also a quiet meeting place for friends or business associates, or a small team wanting to brainstorm in a relaxed environment.

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